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School Improvement 

Professional learning focused on the Continuous Improvement Framework (CIF), School Improvement planning, data analysis for improvement and leading school improvement.

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    • 27 Feb 2020
    • 8:45 AM
    • 09 Nov 2020
    • 3:15 PM
    • The Grange Golf Club and Catholic Education Conference Centre, 116 George Street, Thebarton
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    2020 Network: Pedagogical Leadership for EAL Learners

    Last day to register: Thursday 12 December 2019

    In 2020 the Leading Learning team will continue to facilitate the network Pedagogical Leadership for EAL Learners. This network provides participants with the opportunity to form learning partnerships that aspire for EAL learners to be thriving and capable learners, with a specific focus on the key capabilities in the Living Learning Leading framework: ‘literate and effective communicators’ and ‘intercultural and globally minded’.

    Current and new schools and teachers are invited to register to be part of this network in 2020.


    Successful implementation of schools’ strategic plans for improving EAL learning
    Teachers will be supported to analyse evidence, develop, monitor, and achieve school improvement goals for EAL learners

    Development of pedagogical leadership in EAL key teachers
    With reference to the TESOL Elaborations to the AITSL professional standards for teachers: Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher

    Re-imagine EAL in CESA schools
    We have engaged Dr Misty Adoniou to facilitate part of each network meeting by engaging with research-based learning about EAL pedagogy and language that builds a culture of high expectations for EAL learners and promotes co-constructed learning and community engagement.

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    Term 1, Week 5 - Thursday 27 February, 8.45am - 3.15pm  - Grange Golf Club
    Term 2, Week 6 - Monday 01 June, 8.45am - 3.15pm - Catholic Education Office, Room 7
    Term 3, Week 5 - Monday 17 August, 8.45am - 3.15pm - Grange Golf Club 
    Term 4, Week 5 - Monday 09 November, 9.00am - 4.00pm - Catholic Education Office, Room 7

    Standard 1 - Know students and how they learn
    Standard 2 - Know the content and how to teach it
    Standard 3 - Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
    Standard 4 - Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
    Standard 5 - Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
    Standard 6 - Engage in professional learning

    Educators with a school-wide responsibility for leading the implementation of a school improvement priority in EAL. 

    Cost: no fee

    Catering: morning tea and lunch will be provided

    Leading Learning Consultants

    For Further Information regarding registration:

    Chris Virgin or 8301 6851

Past events

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01 May 2019 Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Course – Professional Development Opportunity
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27 Feb 2019 Middle Years Network
14 Feb 2019 2019 Network: Pedagogical Leadership for EAL Learners
30 Jan 2019 P.E.A.C.E. PACK - An intervention program for reducing bullying in our schools
24 Oct 2018 CESA Re-imagining Childhood 0-18 - Research Schools Program - Day 4
27 Sep 2018 CESA Early Years Symposium
22 Aug 2018 CESA Re-imagining Childhood 0-18 - Research Schools Program - Day 3
18 May 2018 CESA Re-imagining Childhood 0-18 - Research Schools Program - Day 2
26 Mar 2018 Pedagogical Leadership for the Middle Years
21 Feb 2018 Pedagogical Leadership for Improving Language and Literacy with a Focus on EAL Learners
16 Feb 2018 Leading Culturally Responsive Pedagogies Project
09 Feb 2018 CESA Re-imagining Childhood 0-18 - Research Schools Program - Day 1
20 Oct 2017 CESA Early Years Symposium: Contributing to Pedagogical Change
05 Jun 2017 Delving Deeper into Documentation
07 Apr 2017 CESA Continuity & Transition Seminar and ongoing Research Program
31 Mar 2017 Children, Educators Space and Relations: an exploration through the lens of Pedagogy, Design and Aesthetics
06 Dec 2016 The Next Iteration of Schooling: A Conversation with Colleagues
14 Jun 2016 Connecting Quality Teaching Rounds to the Continuous Improvement Framework
21 Mar 2016 Professional Learning for Networks: "Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement"
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