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Expressions of Interest in a Statistics & Probability Unit

  • 31 Jul 2012
  • 9:00 AM
  • CEO Conference Centre


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Catholic Education SA invites expressions of interest from teachers to be involved in a Statistics & Probability unit, as we currently have vacancies.  This is the second unit of the 1.5 year Mathematics course where each of the three units can be undertaken individually.  This is an opportunity for teachers to be part of the course.  

Demand for this course is in response to the content changes in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and the subsequent demand by teachers wishing to further expand their mathematical knowledge.

The content has been designed to build on teachers’ current mathematical understanding. It will predominately use an inquiry approach to the learning of mathematics.  As this course is content driven, it is open to teachers from Reception to Year 10 who want to further their own mathematical knowledge. Concepts up to Year 10 level in the Australian Curriculum will be unpacked.



  • build a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts in Statistics and Probability in the Australian Curriculum
  • be a more confident  and enthusiastic mathematics teacher
  • develop the capability and confidence to apply the learned mathematical concepts to solve unfamiliar mathematical problems
  • be motivated to continue the journey of lifelong learning of mathematics


Unit 2: Statistics & Probability

What is involved?


  • Experimental probability
  • Theoretical probability
  • Using percentages to describe probability

 Representation and interpretation of data                   

  • Measure of central tendency
  • Statistical reasoning
  • Statistical investigations
  • Methods of representing data:   
    • Stem and leaf plots
    • Box and whisker plots
    • Histograms and frequency tables
    • Linear regression
    • Distribution
    • Tinkerplots (computer program)

Structure and requirements of the unit:

The unit will be run throughout Term 3 and 4 and during the Term 3 holidays (please see below).  It is expected that all sessions will be attended.

Statistics and Probability:

Week 3: Tuesday 31 July, 2-5 pm, Room 8

Week 4: Monday 6 August, 2-5 pm, Room 6

Week 8: Tuesday 5 September, 9-12pm, Room 7

T3 Holidays: Monday 24 September, 2-4.30 pm, Room 8

T3 Holidays: Tuesday 25 September, 2-4.30 pm, Room 8

Week 3: Tuesday 23 October, 1-4.00 pm, Room 8


Registrations will close on Thursday 19 July 2012.

Successful applicants will be notified by email shortly after the registration close date.

If you require further information please contact me
' 8301 6858 or email:

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