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SA Teacher Certification Committee (SATCC) Assessor Refresher Course

  • 05 Nov 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Education Development Centre (Room G.11AB), Hindmarsh
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SA Teacher Certification Assessor Refresher Course

AITSL have released a national certification assessor training program refresher course (ATPR). It is an excellent refresher of the original content. The South Australian Teacher Certification Committee (SATCC) will be facilitating the program this year with representation from the three schooling sectors in SA.

The refresher is not like the ATP with a “deep dive” into the material for new ways of thinking, rather it is just what it says, “a refresher”. The Act Nows are not tests in the same way they were in the ATP. In the ATPR you can progress without passing/completing them, and the ATPR is much more learner-directed. You will have the opportunity to decide what you need to really focus on with regard to revising concepts, plus take on board the new material on pedagogical bias, trustworthiness and the Classroom Practice Continuum etc.

We would like to invite you to be involved in this program. If you have not undertaken an assessment we would strongly recommend that you enrol in this course. Please read the below information carefully before responding.

SATCC timeline for the ATPR

Start date:  7 September 2020 when you will receive access and login details to the program.

September: Module 1 and Act now Open

October: Module 2 and Act Now open

Thursday 5 November: Face to Face Workshop at Education Development Centre (room G.11AB), Hindmarsh from 9.00am-4.00pm

Adrian Dilger 

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