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  • 25 May 2015
  • 9:15 AM - 4:00 PM
  • St Margaret Mary's School - 5 Eldon Street, CROYDON PARK
  • 16


  • Educators, Co-educators and Principals of CESA Schools and Early Learning Centres.

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Making visible children’s thinking & theories a focus on strategies and processes for learning in science

Audience: Educators, co-educators and Principals from CESA preschools and ELCs


Session One: Sharing examples of children’s learning and experiences in science

Please bring some documentation about a science experience that each of you has tried with a group of children. The experience may be from some time ago or more recently and it might be an experience you tried as part of the Little Scientists.

The Documentation might be two or three photographs of the children’s interactions, or photographs of their theories or drawings, or maybe some scribing of the children’s thinking and questions. Please bring what is available to you already.

Session Two: Development of thinking skills-children as scientists    

Guest: Kate Dilger from SA Science Teachers Association

Session Three: Making teacher’s research and thinking visible

Monica Sharman and the team from OLV will share their outdoor learning research

Session Four: Planning for the development of children’s thinking skills in science

Time for teams to plan experiences and to consider the role of adults in enabling the competent and capable child in science

What to bring:

1.      Documentation for session one

2.      Your Little Scientists cards

3.      Your lunch

Aims of the CESA Preschool & ELC educator’s network:

  • Keep building shared language
  • Focus on contemporary early childhood programs by embedding pedagogy and practice in culture
  • Continue to grow a collaborative culture of professional learning through research and reflective practice as research
  • Go deeper into understandings and theories of learning
  • Use documentation as assessment

Continue our Learning, Strengthen Capacity, Deepen Knowledge, Embed Cultures of Learning, Illuminate who we are, be advocates for early childhood.

Registration is essential by Friday 22nd May, 2015

For further information contact 8301 6680

AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers include: 1.2           2.3       3.6       6.2       6.3       7.2       7.4

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